About Nadoli Pty Limited



  • Office Supplies

  • Office Furniture

  • Hotel Amenities

  • Towels

  • Christmas Products

  • Jute Sacks

  • Dry Fruits

  • Eco-Green Products

  • Branded Health & Toiletries

  • Australian Wines

  • Scrap Metal

  • School Stationery & Furniture

  • Promotional Products

Nadoli is a global trading company working with customers and suppliers internationally to provide the best quality assurance and cost competitive solutions to product sourcing.

Nadoli commenced its operations in 1982 in Australia. Today Nadoli, due to the dedication of its staff, market leading suppliers, and importantly the valued support of its customers, has broadened its operations internationally. Today, we have many global strategic trading partners and supply contracts crossing international trade lines.

Nadoli has grown to provide both branded and bespoke OEM products for customers globally. With our strategic relationships and global representation through our own offices, we can provide a local solution with global knowledge.

Nadoli has an ability to supply FOB, FIS, FIW, DC, Cross Dock or JIT, and any other required method. The company uses the best EDI software to provide ASN’s and full paperless ordering and invoicing. Nadoli has the expertise and ability in the development, sourcing, warehousing, logistics and distribution, marketing and customer support of various products and commodities.


  • Hotel Guest Supplies

  • Cleaning Products

  • Bulk Paper Supplies

  • Hessian Products

  • Pulses & Grains

  • Sporting Goods

  • Branded  Coffee, Tea, & Confectionery

  • Fresh Flowers – Roses

  • Batteries


Nadoli Pty Ltd is also know for:
  • Supporting Global Retailers, Brands, Wholesalers and Industrial companies with various supply solutions from Asia & Europe. 

  • Our HQ is in Australia with a further 6 offices globally. 

  • We have  over 35 years’ experience in sourcing globally. 

  • We bring a wealth of knowledge to our clients about importing and exporting to and from Asia/Europe. 

  • Unlike the more traditional Trading houses, we tailor our solutions to our clients individual requirements. 

  • This element of flexibility, along with our expertise, allows us to ensure that Nadoli delivers results that impact our clients' bottom line at whatever stage of growth or development. 

  • Nadoli purchasing and procurement services cover a wide range of product categories to ensure that we effectively manage your entire production process with suppliers.

  • With over a three decades of Asian and European sourcing experience, we understand how to work in our various local regions to optimize the process from product development through to shipment.

  • Regardless of whether you are a Retailer, Wholesaler, or a Start-up Company, Nadoli will help you to achieve your goals.

  • Our aim is to provide you with a low risk, competitively priced, quality product, which is consistently delivered on-time.

  • Nadoli’s buying model is an outsourced procurement service that offers a flexible, cost-effective and low risk solution.

  • Aimed at both wholesalers and retailers with a need to manage their procurement, we enable clients to control their supply chains at the source by working under our corporate umbrella. 

  • With over thirty years’ experience in quality assurance and quality control, Nadoli guarantees that all orders will arrive with you in perfect condition.

  • All suppliers that work with Nadoli must meet our extremely high standards in order for us to purchase from their factories.

  • Our exclusive supplier list has been audited and checked several times in the past year by both our own internal audit and through external sources as well.

  • While Nadoli  specialises in sourcing and procurement through our extensive Global Connections ,  we pride ourselves with our Local Service and Knowledge in Developing long term Relations.